ISCAR Summer University for PhD students at Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

Moving with and beyond Vygotsky: Interdisciplinary research perspectives

June 30 – July 6, 2014

In recent years a growing interest in socio-cultural-historical approaches is observed. While more and more scholars refer to single ideas of Vygotsky in their research, one could argue that there is less and less understanding of the broader theoretical, epistemological and methodological frame of Vygotsky’s work. It is also quite evident that most scholars refer only to Vygotsky and not to the broader cultural-historical research tradition (that could include many authors such as Leont’ev, Lisina, Luria, Rubinstein, Bozhovich, Gutkina, Venger, Gal’perin, El’konin, Davydov, Zinchenko – to mention only some of the Russian ones). What is more: diverse methodologies (genetic-experimental research, ethnography, qualitative data analysis etc.) are used in different contexts and disciplines; however, only little discussion takes place on the limits, the possibilities, and eventually, the complementarities of those methodologies.

The 5th ISCAR Summer University aims to reflect on perspectives of interdisciplinary research in the framework of cultural-historical and activity theory, as a way to deal with various problems that concern education, play and development, social policies, new media and globalization, and other relevant fields. Following the tradition of the previous ISCAR Summer Universities in Moscow, highly respected professors of socio-cultural-historical approaches will be invited to participate, and a range of activities will be scheduled. The 5th ISCAR Summer University aims also to address problems concerning the future career of PhD students (post-doc positions, research funding etc.).

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